Sporting Brookside Recreational League HEADER RULES for ALL 4th grade and younger players
Because of concerns for the safety of younger players, beyond the limitations of the laws of the game, Sporting Brookside Soccer Club Recreational League Players, Coaches, and Referees will abide by the following.

-HEADERS ARE NOT ALLOWED for 4th grade and younger while playing in Sporting Brookside Recreational Leagues. Headers for 4th grade an younger are a violation of Sporting Brookside's Recreational League safety requirements.

– No goal will be allowed if scored with the head – even if accidental.

– Any header during the course of play will result in an indirect kick for the opposing team.

– Any potential head injury will require immediate play stoppage regardless of the goal or advantage situation. Referees will stop play in this circumstance to evaluate potential injury. Should the player show any of the signs that might indicate a serious injury, per the laws of the game that restart would be a dropped ball.

-Heading the ball for this age group is a Sporting Brookside safety violation, NOT a laws of the game violation, so no criteria associated with fouls or infractions of the laws should be applied.

-Coaches must instruct players not to head the ball.

-Players who are guilty of heading the ball should never be issued a caution or sending off. The referee should rather focus on helping the players understand the rule and explain that the Sporting Brookside Recreational League does not allow heading. Referees are asked to abide by these rules and use common sense to handle situations accordingly.

Slide Tackling

  • 6th grade and under: NO slide tackling allowed
  • 7th/8th grades: Proper slide tackling allowed
  • High School: NO slide tackling allowed

Goal Kicks

The Goal Kick Rule is valid for 3rd grade through 6th grade divisions Sporting Brookside Recreational League play.

For all goal kicks or any free kick inside the defensive penalty box, opposing players must back up to the half-way line during the kick. Players may cross it once the ball is kicked.

Please remind players of this rule before and during the game. If you have questions, contact Referee@BrooksideSoccer.org.