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Soccer for the City

If you need to ensure certain players are allocated to your team, please send an email to our master registrar, Angie Miller, at

There are 2 ways for parents to volunteer as head coach — while registering a player OR through the Volunteer listing module.

Volunteer Listing Module:

In your account, click Volunteer (if your child is registered, you will see the option to volunteer for that child).

Otherwise, click Find Volunteer Roles.

Click Show More. Click Select next to the program for which you wish to volunteer and View Available Positions.

Select the division and select yourself to be the Head Coach.

Enter your remaining information. This is where you will enter your Team Name.

Assistant coaches may only serve if they are assigned to a team. The head coach MUST invite assistants prior to the close of that program’s registration.

If a player registers without a team code, they will do so as a Free Agent and will be placed manually later.

To Invite Players or an Assistant Coach:
Go to your account and click Volunteers on the left and select Volunteer Role.
Visit Team Page
Manage Roster Invites

From here you can invite players to your team by entering their email address. This page also tells you how many players have joined your team and what the minimum and maximum players per team are. PLUS, the TEAM CODE is on this page. You can pass this code out to anyone you would like to join your team. When you enter emails on this page, each email will already include the team code.